Legacy of Athalantar

A chapter ends

SilverClaw showing that he is still alive to soon for him to heal much is quickly cut down by the enraged party. Not taking any more chances, Porthos beheads the monster and burns the body and head while the rest of the group searches the chambers, all seeming to find them self’s in SilverClaws chamber. After Pimble fails to pick the lock on a chest, Dirk reaches over jams his gauntleted fingers into the lid of the chest and yanks upward breaking the lock. While this is happening Porthos can hear slight voices and movement from the far end of the chamber he is in. Calling out to the group to let them know Porthos does not stop in building the pyre for SilverClaw. Gnarl pulls his cloaks hood up and advances to investigate the noise Porthos mentioned.

Gnarl finds a large group of children in the kitchen, not yet interacting with them he turns around to leave and bring Luna back to help with the Children.

As Porthos burns is about to burn SilverClaw, he bends down and removes the gauntlet setting it aside he tosses the headless body into the fire, shoving the head in between the monsters legs. Picking up the gauntlet, Porthos turns to Sheirana’s body and places the claw on her arm out of respect.

After the group gathers after finding the rest of the children they all head out through one of the entrances that is hidden from the outside. Gnarl and Pimble climb the mountain face again to reach the cave opening close to the Shaman. Collecting the apprentice he informs them that the Aarakocra will take the children that they stole back to the north. Those from the south are up to us to deliver back home. Handing Gnarl and Pimble a few meals for the group send them on their way.

Porthos and Dirk finding the horses discover that they had been attacked, one of them was lamed, an infection spreading with no hope of a cure. Killing the poor beast quickly they butcher it and do what they can to prep the meat for their trip.

After a week in the woods, it is decided to build a raft to try and get Sheirana’s body to a healer. Gnarl casts messenger on a bird and sends it to the closest temple. Porthos some how manages to lash together a raft while its decided that Pimble would be the one to take the body. Dirk and Porthos each giving him fifty platinum coins wish him luck..and their prayers that they would see Sheirana alive again.

The day after Pimble pushes the raft down the river, Dirk stops the group. “What has been tracking us is close. Be ready.” As Porthos readies a javelin the bulky body of a green dragon pushes its way through the trees toward the diminished party.

Stepping forward Porthos attempts to bargain, “Dragon, we will willing give up our most powerful item to you for allowing us passage through your forest.” While the attention is on Porthos; Luna takes the children and the apprentice further back into the woods to wait what happens.

“Fool do you think that enough to buy me..” Porthos launches his javelin, the throw striking a scale and bouncing away. “I was going to say your helm as well as the claw, but now. I want your soul, the helm, claw, and the gauntlets that one wears.” Dirk, about to give Porthos to the Dragon to save the lives of him and Gnarl, sneers when the gauntlets are mentioned. “Fuck it” He rushes the Dragon.

The fight is short, the dragons breath weapon knocks Gnarl out, almost instantly killing him. Porthos unable to make contact with his axe, flails uselessly. A few well placed bites from the powerful jaws of the dragon crush the life out of him. Dirk fares better, hitting the dragon several times before the dragons talons shred his leather armor and the soft flesh underneath. With his final breath Dirk calls “I hate you Porthos”.

Pimble awakens to the flash of stars overhead through the canopy of trees. The sound of dogs barking in the distance ahead of him. Forcing his exhausted body back up, he starts poling the raft down the river toward the sounds of the dogs. An hour passes the sounds getting closer, Pimble can start to make out human voices. After a few minutes more he finds a few humans and their dogs, “Look, the halfling on the raft! Just like the Priest said!”

Many sessions

After returning to Daggerford from the ancient dwarven city the party Decides it best to head to Derval Ironeater to talk of the Crown and armor of the dwarven King. Stunned that these treasures of his kind would be found now, and brought before him of all the dwarfs in Faerun. He promises to speak to his kin and gather a worth reward for returning such a prize to the dwarven community.
Drinking while killing time the group gets word that Delfen YellowKnife wishes to call in the favor owed to him. Delfen. Quickly being ushered into the study after arriving at the tower the group find themselves in the company of Delfen and a younger looking boy.
“My apprentice here was on his way to me carrying a package that was very important to me when he and the group he was with were attacked on the road. He managed to survive and return to me but lost the package. I would like you to take him with you and find and return the package to me. “Turning to the boy Delfen says “Tell them what you saw when you were attacked.”
Stepping forward “we were attacked by winged men. Looked like birds they did!. Killed every one else I was with, I managed to escape but dropped my bags while running.” After the boy falls quiet Delfen steps forward again. My apprentice here will go with you to complete the task I gave him. “

The group sets out toward Secomber, the long journey uneventful. When approaching the town they decide to hit the tavern for repast and news. Just a few moments after being seated Porthos hears his name called from behind him. Going pale thinking that the guards who had beat them so thoroughly had found his name as well as him, he slowly turns around to find Sheirana : the butchers daughter from Loudwater. After a brief talk Sheirana introduces Porthos and the group to her companion Luna the druid. Discovering they are both in Secomber for the same reason the two parties decide to join together.

The Journey through the High Forest along the Unicorns Cut is long and trying , Facing no hazards beyond keeping themselves fed. The journey to the mountain takes over two tendays.
Using most every ones rope the party climbs to a cave opening and enters. The first chamber they come across has Aarakocra and nests of young. Pimble and Gnarl sneak into the nesting chamber but are discovered and a battle ensues. The party slaughtering many Aarakocra the party explores the caves, each contemplating what to do with the young when they hear the sounds of more Aarakocra coming.
Regrouping the party decides to push forward away from the oncoming birdmen. Not long afterward the party splits up, half continuing on (with the light) the others staying at a tunnel split refusing to run any more. Thankfully the Aarakocra leader could communicate with the party and further hostilities were avoided.
Soon they learn that goblins have taken over the lower levels of the caves; forcing the Aarakocra to kidnap children as slaves. Leaving Yellowknifes apprentice with the shaman, the party heads further underground to confront and destroy the goblins.
The first chamber they come across is filled with goblins and children. Making quick work of the goblins that don’t flee, and restraining the children who they can catch. The group heads even deeper into the caves. Following the tracks made by the retreating goblins the party soon finds themselves on the threshold of a room filled with dozens of goblins, a magic user goblin, and a large Veerbug (SliverClaw) Porthos charges in knocking goblins back by the score, Luna casting entangle on the other end of the room blocking many goblins for a short time. Dirk and Pimble follow Porthos into the fray, cleaving goblins down in an effort to reach SilverClaw. Sheirana lobs arrow after arrow at SilverClaw sending him into a rage who then charges at Porthos.
SilverClaw grabs porthos’ helm and attempts to rip it off of his head, after the first attempt everything goes magicaly dark. Porthos continues to beat on SilverClaw, darkness almost nothing as being held, all Porthos had to do was swing. Dirk makes his way to SilverClaw and lands a heavy blow. Silver claw goes down, and Dirk turns and plunges his dagger into the magic users chest.
Believing the fight won Sheirana goes to loot Silverclaws signature claw, at which point his hand shoots out impaling her by the throat killing her instantly. Standing back up SilverClaw says “Fools! You think I am defeated so easily?” Enraged Porthos prepares to charge SilverClaw, a curse riding his breath, and a promise to honor Sheirana’s memory in his heart.

Adventure log #3
Session 3

Spending his last night in the bunkhouse Porthos sleeps fitfully dreaming of his new apartment, he and the rest of the bunk house are woken and ushered into the main hall by Lieutenant Beldath. Wiping the sleep from his eyes Porthos looks around at the men assembled around him, wondering what could be important enough to rouse the whole of the on duty militia. Straining to hear past the general noise in the room Porthos tries to hear any sound of commotion coming from outside.
Duke Pwyll, enters the barracks, followed by the master of the hunt, Kelson Darktreader, and the Dukes Master at Arms Sir Llewellyn Long-Hand. The Duke is looking drawn and haggard, grief and rage warring on his face. Stepping forward the Duke scans the faces of the militia men before him. “I know the militia of Daggerford doesn’t owe me any personal service, So this is a request not an order. My Sister; the Lady Bronwyn, has been kidnapped by Barron Agwain, several of my guards were slain in the process. I am asking for volunteers to help retrieve my sister from this scoundrel before any ill befalls her person. There will be three groups heading out within the hour, any who succeed will get fifty gold each! Stepping forward Porthos declares “I will go, I also have two companions I can rouse and will be more than willing to join.” Duke Pwyll looks at Porthos, “Very well, collect your companions and meet us at the farmers’ gate. We will have horses and provisions ready for you. You will also have access to my personal armory.

Hurrying Porthos runs to wake Dirk and Pimble. Reaching the Lady luck tavern first Porthos walks around the building and takes a guess at which sub-window leads to Dirks room. Lightly kicking the shutter, Porthos calls out “Dirk, wake your lazy bones up. We have a job to do, Lady Bronwyn has been taken and there is a reward for her return!” The word reward woke Dirk instantly, swinging the shutters open Dirk scuttles out of the window opening, turning around to drag his bag up after him. Turning to Porthos Dirk smiles and jerks his thumb toward the river district “Let’s get Nimblefingers before it gets too late to go to the armory. “ Dirk breaks into a run, and Porthos hurries follow him to the river district. As they both reach the building Pimble rents a room in, they see a shape climbing out of a upper floor window. With a smirk and a smile Porthos points to the small shape climbing down the wall. “Looks like our friend is already on his way to meet us.” Picking up the pace Porthos pulls past Dirk, “Lets catch up to him quickly before we lose the sneaky Halfling” Porthos and Dirk reach the building just before Pimble drops the last few feet to the ground. Staying in the shadows Porthos uses his best authority voice “Who goes there? Thief stop where you are!”
Pimble lands on the ground and looks around nervously for the source of the voice, relaxing when he finally sees Porthos and Dirk standing in the shadows laughing. “Damn you two, I almost had to change my knickers!” Stepping out of the shadows Porthos says “That was fun, but we must hurry, Lady Bronwyn has been taken. We are to head out and try to retrieve her, first stop is the armory, then we head to the Farmers gate where horses and our directions are waiting for us.”
As the group reaches the armory they are met by Sir Llewellyn Long-Hand who lets them in and watches as the group arms themselves. Pimble and Porthos take a dagger each, and Porthos swaps his javelins with new ones. Dirk looking around mumbles “I had hoped they would have a cloak to go along with my new armor” Sir Llewellyn hears this and steps out of the room, “You there, Page! Come here and give me your cloak.” The boy takes his cloak off and hands it to Sir Llewellyn who steps back in and hands the green cloth cloak to Dirk. “Now we must go quickly, I have your horses here and your directions. Your group is to head North East around the Laughing Hollow, The Duke and I will go on the path that leads more North as we believe this is the route they took. Kelson will go to the woods, he and his hunters know that land and will be able to travel quickly.”
Mounting their horses the group sets off out of the farmers gate to head for the Laughing Hollow. Near the end of the day as they travel along the path a flight of arrows hisses at the group, Dirk and Porthos are both hit. As they come to a stop one man appears at the top of a ridge further down the path. “Halt, turn back to Daggerford and no more harm will come to you.” Dirk, Porthos, and Pimble dismount: Porthos steps forward still unarmed and makes a show of thinking trying to give Pimble the time he needs to sneak off and move up. Before Pimble can get close to any one, Porthos can tell that time is up, raising his shield and grabbing a javelin Porthos charges at half way he throws. The javelin races toward the man who steps aside in an attempt to dodge, he does not move far enough as the javelin tears into his arm. An arrow flys past Porthos’ head barely missing the man who is now moving to intercept Porthos. Another flight of arrows come from the Ridge, as well as another human moving out of concealment to close with Porthos and help his leader. Both Dirk and Porthos are hit again but do not fall, standing resolutely Porthos swings with his axe and connects with his first target bruising ribs but not passing the armor the man wore. Dirk looses another arrow, this one going wide again. A third flight of arrows hiss out, and Dirk falls to the ground. Blocking the attacks from the two Porthos faces he swings again missing this time as he winces in pain. A last flight all aimed at Porthos, several make it past his shield, pin cushioned Porthos falls.
Pimble reaches the two men on the left of the path as Porthos drops, drawing his long sword he rushes in and quickly kills one of the men “Drop your weapons and your life will be spared!” The other bowman looks at Pimble and laughs, I think that is my line, both of your companions are down and you are all alone.” Backing a step Pimble shouts “Parlay, I wish to talk! We meant you no harm, but moved to defend ourselves” The other four arrive and surround Pimble, the leader who had spoken from the ridge rubs his arm where the javelin hit as he steps forward “What were you doing out here if you are not the Dukes men come to reclaim his sister?” “We are a group of mercenary’s, we were traveling to Daggerford to complete a job to kill the Duke!” the leader spits and says “If you were heading to Daggerford why are you coming this direction?” Quickly Pimble makes another lie “One of my companions dropped his dagger a little further back up the path. We retrace our steps to find it” “I call that baulder-dash, though if you promise not to take up arms against us again we will help you get your companions back on their horses and you going in the right direction.”
The five bowmen quickly get Porthos and Dirk patched up and tied to their mounts. Pimble is not able to make it very far during the last of the day. Setting camp he leaves Porthos and Dirk tied to the mounts, never would he be able to get them back up the next day. As dawn breaks Pimble is back on the road leading his two unconscious companions. By midday he reaches Daggerford, hiring a nurse maid to help, he gets every one into their bed leaving the nurse to take care of them. A week goes by before any one returns, as soon as they do Pimble makes his report. “We failed; we were ambushed by a force much larger than ours. Porthos and Dirk still convalesce in bed, but we are anxious to try again and bring the Barron to justice!” The Duke sadly looks at Pimble, “we have a messenger leaving tomorrow morning to bring word of war to the Barron. You may go with him if you are able. Beyond that…there is nothing left but war.”
The next morning found the three adventures mounted and traveling with the messenger toward Secumber. Two days into the journey the group hears “Halt, You travel the lands of the wild elves, what is your business here?” Pimble pulls his mount ahead of the group, “We are messengers from Daggerford, and travel to Secumber to try and secure the return of Lady Bronwyn who was taken a week past.” The elf who had spoken earlier steps forward “A willful young lass with long brown hair?” the elf speaking makes a gesture with his hand “She came into our company a few days past, currently she is with the King of the woods.” Seeing the expressions of the humans facing him change the elf quickly adds “By choice of course, If you surrender your weapons as a sign of good faith we will bring you with us and request an audience with her.” Not ready for being pin cushions again the party hands their weapons over without complaint. Partway to their camp the elves suddenly grow tense, hands reaching for weapons, they start to spread out. Turning to the spokesmen Dirk asks “What is the matter? Whats going on?” “There is a battle going on. It sounds like one of our scout troops found more than they could handle.” Porthos straightens his back, “Give us our weapons and we will help, else there is aught we can do but watch.” With a snarl and a curse the spokesman turns to the elf beside him “Give them their weapons, I just hope we don’t regret this.”
Nearing the sound of combat a valley comes into sight, goblins all around the outside, elves in the center pinned by arrow fire. To the sound of elven bowstrings humming around them the group charges into the melee cutting down all goblins that cross their path. Before too long what goblins are left scatter into the woods all morale broken. As the three adventurers meet up with their elven hosts they offer up their weapons without question. An elder steps forward “You may keep your weapons, you have proven to be friends of the wild. I am Melendrach the Chieftain of this clan.” With a sweeping arm gesture Melendrach waves at the elves behind him, “We welcome you to our current home, I am told you seek a brown haired beauty who has recently come to stay with us. I have sent a runner out to request that she come and see you.” Porthos clears his throat, “How did Lady Bronwyn come to be in the care of your people? We had last heard she was taken by Barron Agwain and heading to Secumber.” “I assume the Barron you speak of is the fat coward. They were attacked by goblins but the coward ran leaving most of his men to stall the vile creatures. The Lady Bronwyn from what she told us slipped the cowards grasp a day before they were attacked.”

While waiting for Lady Bronwyn to accept the invitation to meet and arrive, the party of adventurers bides there time enjoying the company of the elves. Porthos playing a passable fiddle to accompany Pimble’s magnificent singing. Dirk off in a corer attempting and failing to seduce a few elvish maids, becoming infatuated with Sulani. Shortly after Pimble finishes with the song Lady Bronwyn arrives. “Good day, I am informed you wish to speak with me?” Pimble looks up at the Lady, ”Yes, we were sent by your brother to bring you back safely, though seeing as you are here by choice; we won’t be taking you against your will. If you wish to stay all we would ask is for a letter to your brother and an item he would know as yours.” Lady Bronwyn frowns, “I am learning so much here, I would love to stay and continue to learn the ways of the wild elves….But I should go back, my brother deserves that much. As nice as it is I cannot simply disappear; I will return with you. “ Pimble bows “That is great news to me my Lady, we shall leave first thing in the morning.” Looking over to Melendrach, “If it is alright with our hosts?”
Arriving back at Daggerford, Lady Bronwyn separates from the party “I will let my brother know you were responsible for my return. A messenger should arrive with your rewards” Almost as soon as the Lady is out of sight Pimble feels a slight tremble in the ground, as if a huge cavalry force approaches. Soon the ground is shaking violently and every one braces themselves to stop from being thrown to the ground. At the peak of the earthquake a section of wall by the caravan gate collapses inward destroying several buildings. Rushing over to aid, Porthos and Dirk start flinging rocks off of people and making sure all is fine, when suddenly they hear someone calling for help. “ ’Elp someone ‘elp me brother, e’ is trapped.” Following the sounds of the cries the adventures come upon a dwarf sobbing “Quick ‘elp my brother, e’ is buried under the rubble” pointing at a pile of fallen wall there is a hand sticking out grasping and scrabbling at the rocks pinning it. Pimble quickly pulls out a piece of coal from the cool forge and starts writing plans on the wall to build a contraption to leverage the rocks off. As he turns around to exclaim “Eureka!” the Halfling sees Porthos, Dirk, and the Dwarf Derval heave the rock off of Dervals brother Ransel coughing Ransel calls Derval over, “Brother, I’m done; I can’t go on; this is my last word, unless I get a mug of ale in a hurry!” Laughing and cursing Derval embraces his brother.

Session two
by Niall

Year 1367 DR, Year of the Shield, end of Marpenoth
Porthos sits in the Lady Luck Tavern, sipping a beer and enjoying his breakfast of sausages and bread fried in bacon grease.
The door to the tavern opens and he looks up to see one of the militia men approaching him. “Shirlyn SpearSliver sends his regards and has asked for you to make way to his solar for a meeting” With out waiting for a reply the militia man turns and leaves the Lady Luck Tavern.
#I best go see what that was about. Pushing himself back from the table Porthos looks at the last of his breakfast and gathers whats left, stacking the sausages onto the bread and eating as he walks.

Outside of Shirlyn’s solar Pimble leans against a wall eyes closed and seemingly relaxed, at the sound of boots scuffing on stone he cracks an eye. Porthos and Dirk arrive with Dirk’s usual remarks on how he hopes Lieutenant Beldath wont be in attendance at this meeting.
Closing his eye again, Pimble greets his two companions, “I see you two were summoned here as well” Stepping from the wall Pimble faces Porthos and Dirk. “As usual for bureaucrats, hurry up and wait.”
Shortly after Porthos and Dirk arrive the door to the solar opens and an aide steps out “Shirlyn is ready to see you now.” The aide closes the door behind the group, not entering himself.

Standing behind his desk Shirlyn offers a smile as the three enter. “It is good to see you three in good health, having proven your mettle the town of Daggerford has a request of you three.” Leaning forward Shirlyn gestures to a map laid out on the surface.
“There is one last caravan leaving Daggerford travelling to Water Deep.” Drawing a line with his finger from Daggerford down to Water Deep. Pointing out hamlets along the path “We would like you to scout the way down to The Way Inn, and report back on the conditions and safety of the road. Avoid conflicts if at all possible.”
“If you stop at any inn on the way down the militia will cover standard accommodations, and you will be supplied with horses for the journey, as well as winter blankets.” With a cough Pimble hands Shirlyn a sheet of paper, I have a list of provisions we would like filled."
Shirlyn takes the slip of paper from Pimble and looks it over quickly, everything on the list will be provided as it is our standard list…except for the addition of the fur cloak. That you will have to supply for your self."

As they leave the solar, Porthos nudges Pimble, “Where did you get that list? Did you know we would be going out on a mission?”
With a shrug and shake of his head Pimble answers “No, I have just been wanting a fur cloak. So I kept that list made up and in my pocket just in case”
Porthos laughs and smiles but says no more as they continue on their way.

Pimble meets Dirk, and Porthos near the stables after every one has collected their gear. As the horses are being brought out his eyes are scanning the crowd around, suddenly he excuses himself and slides into and through the crowd. Disappearing from sight, Pimble makes his way toward a short rich looking man wearing a fine fur cloak. “What a fine cloak good sir! Where ever did you come by such a fine garment?”
In a pinched and nasally voice the opulent looking man replies “I was out trading at Baulders Gate when I purchased this cloak.” “That is a great find!” Exclaims Pimble “Have you had any problems with bear mites? Nasty little buggers”
Unconsciously the merchant starts to scratch himself, “I’ve never heard of them, a…are they dangerous?”
“Oh no not dangerous…usually. Some times they can cause a serious disease, very very rare though.” Pimble "pushes a bit to far. The merchant straightens and stops scratching. “Well thank you for the warning. I will make sure to have my cloak cleaned and deloused.” With a quick turn on his heal the merchant quickly waddles away.
Returning to the others Pimble snaps his fingers “I was this cloae to having a free fur cloak” Holding his hand out with thumb and forefinger barely separated.

The journey down to The Way Inn took three days at an easy pace for the horses, Pimble collecting any and all herbs he sees. After his third seperation from the group Dirk turns to him “Why do you keep going off to pick flowers and plants? Got your eyes set on a lass back home?”
Pimble laughs and beams his halfling beatific smile. “Oh no, but if I collect enough plants some of them are bound to be used to make healing solutions.” Porthos laughs “At this rate your saddle bags will be filled to the brim by the time we return!”
“All the better chance of having something useful.” Pimble retorts.

The days passed uneventfully on the trip down to The Way Inn, the first night spent at Liams Hold. An old tower turned inn, as promised the inn provided a room and meals for militia on duty. Young Porthos has taken his job very seriously and is suspicions about the innkeep Ben being a spy for bandits. Even having Dirk check for new tracks as they leave the next morning.
The second day passed as peacefully as the first, chatting with farmers and traders that crossed their path Porthos, Pimble, and Dirk continue on their way. Just before nightfall the group decides to make camp at one of the well used areas rather than push through the night to reach the hamlet of Bowshot. Porthos builds a fire and cuts fresh wood to replace what they would use for the night.
Pimble tries and fails to fish, but Dirk returns from the woods triumphantly with a brace of hare for dinner that night.

Stopping in Bowshot only long enough for lunch, the group reaches The Way Inn before nightfall. The inn its self is walled and fortified while the town around it is open and sprawling, as they approach the town they are stopped by one of the local militia “Halt who goes there? State your business.” Always one of the first to speak Pimble steps forward “We hail from Daggerford, my team and I were sent down to scout the way for the last caravan heading to Water Deep.”
Lowering his spear the guard smiles “Be welcome friends from Daggerford, I will spread the word to the militia here about the last caravan coming this way. You should go to the inn and inform Doravin Redbeard the innkeep if you would be so kind.”
“We certainly can, we plan to stay the night there as is.” Pimble waves at the guard and turns to the inn, Porthos and Dirk falling in behind him but quickly catching up to the halflings small steps.

The Way Inn is veritably packed, the innkeep Doravin busy running to and fro, but he stops to welcome the group from Daggerford “Good day, you must be the group from Daggerford. Please have a seat I will have food sent out for you.” Porthos looks confused “How did you know we were from Daggerford?” “You’ll find that news travels very quickly in a small town like this. I heard almost as soon as you entered town.” Seating them then quickly off again to attend to other matters.
A feast arrives at the table and Pimble dives in, devouring everything in front of him. Porthos and Dirk eat heartily but cant keep pace to the halfling and his appetites.
At the end of the meal Doravin returns to the table. “Would you be returning to Daggerford or continuing on to Water Deep?” Porthos answers first “Our return to Daggerford begins tomorrow, why do you ask?”
Doravin points with his chin at a table across the inn. “Merchant over there was asking about the trip to Daggerford, and if there was any one else going that way. If you dont mind, I think he would like to meet you about your return.”
“Of course leade on good innkeep Doravin” Pimble declares “we can at least hear him out.” Doravin introduces them to Meldar Farwander the eldest of the group. Sitting at the table with him are three young men and a young woman. “Please sit, I am Meldar. These three men here are my animal handlers. The young lady to my side is my daughter Dolora. I am an animal merchant, coming up from Baulders Gate. We were attacked a few days ago to the west of here, what guards that weren’t killed abandoned us at the first sight of blood” Taking a drink with a shaky hand Meldar continues “The five of us made it out with a good part of the heard, but fear continuing on the way without an escort.”
“I hear that you will be travelling to Daggerford and I wanted to ask if we could make the trip together?” The halflings eyes get a gleam; almost the color of gold. “We are certainly willing to help if you are able to pay.”
“I would be wi…” Porthos cuts Meldar off, “We will do it free of charge good sir. It is our duty as militia of Daggerford.”
Turning to whisper in Pimbles ear “Think of the reputation and promotions we can get.”

Business being settled Pimble, Porthos, and Dirk settle in to the table for drinks with Meldar and his group. Porthos comforting the distraught Dolora with smooth words and smoother fiddling.
Pimble eyeing a large group of farmers as an easy mark, gets up from the table and approaches the rowdy group of farmers.
“I have a challenge for any of you, a strength competition between me and the strongest among you!” A large man who looks to be a farmer steps forward. “What is the wager little man?”
Pimble falsely bridles at the remark, “five silver pieces for the first, ten for the second and thirty five for the last.”
Retreating into a huddle the group of farmers mumbles between them. The largest one breaking off again and returning to stand in front of Pimble “Accepted. Together we can collect the coin.”
From the crowd some one taunts “What is the first competition little man? Arm Wrestling?” Pimble smiles and points in the direction the call came from “That is exactly right! The first contest is arm wrestling.”
The crowd laughs as a table is cleared and pulled out. Taking up positions at either end of the table Pimble and the large farmer grasp hands and count together, “three, two, one”. In the blink of an eye Pimble losses to the farmer.

Standing up and rubbing his arm, Pimble declarers “The second contest: Take three shots and walk in a straight line!” The innkeep Doravin so wrapped up in the competition does not think to charge for the six shots.
Throwing all three shots back Pimble jumps up onto a bench and takes three steps before losing his balance and falling onto his backside. Letting out a loud belch. Pimble shouts “Top that!”
To the cheers of the crowd the farmer drinks the liquor and steps onto the bench, wobbling as he walks down the length of the bench, turning at the end and making his way back as the crowd cheers and claps.

“The third challenge will be holding your open hand to a candle flame for as long as you can. The winner of the last two challenges can go first.”
As the large farmr steps up and sticks his and into the flame the crowd goes quiet. Biting his lip to hold in the pain he lasts for the count of seven before pulling his hand back and cursing in pain.
Stepping up to the candle Pimble thrusts his hand with out the barons ring into the flame. Putting on a show of being in pain as his hand heals almost faster than the flame can burn it. Pimble holds his hand in the flame till the count reaches fifteen seconds before snatching his hand away, letting some one catch a glimpse of burnt flesh; having palmed a piece of meat to complete the effect."
To the cheers and jeers of the crowd Pimble states to the farmer “I’ll just keep my original fifteen I would owe you. Making your debt twenty silver.” With grumbles and curses the farmers pay out. Pimbles coin purse is bulging with copper coin.

Setting out the next morning the scout group from Daggerford and the merchant with their herd plan to pass the halmet of Bowshot to reach the camping ground before night fall. As the party passes Bowshot Porthos sees a shape in the distance that was not there on the trip down. Pimble and Dirk volunteer to scout the way ahead while Porthos stays with the group.
Making their way slowly Pimble and Dirk move toward the mound. After checking that there was no danger around the approach the oddity. What they find is a pile of goblin and orc heads, most of them pin cushioned with arrows. Stepping closer Dirk examins one of the arrows fletchings, “I would wager these are from wood elves. Looks like they are clearing up the area a bit.”
Returning to the road Dirk informs Porthos of what they came across. Seeing no reason to stay any further the group continues on their way staying cautious and vigilant. Reaching the camp well before night fall Pimble goes to fish and Dirk sets out to hunt. Just as dusk settles into night Dirk returnes to camp empty of hand, while Pimble returns with a large catch, plenty enough to feed the whole of the party.
Setting camp for the night Pimble, Porthos, and Dirk draw for watch shifts; Pimble pulling first and Dirk last.

Not long before Porthos is due to wake Dirk for his watch, when the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. Walking the parameter of the camp Porthos catches movement out of the corner of his eye, turning in time to see goblins charge out of the woods screaming.
With a shout to wake his companions Porthos launches a javelin at the first goblin, the point driving through the goblins chest and pins it to the ground the goblins war cry becoming a strangled gurgle as it dies.
Porthos draws his axe as Dirk arrives at his side to meet the rush of the remaining goblins, Pimble ducks further inside his sleeping roll as if to will the interruption to his sleep away.
The remaining three goblins arrive at the same time, two moving in on Porthos the remaining one facing Dirk. All three goblins lash out at once. Dirk deftly parries the attack, while Porthos catches both spear thrusts on his shield, counters one thrust and cleaves the goblin through, nearly splitting it in twain.
Suddenly two javelins fly out of the darkness, both miss their mark announcing the arrival of two orcs into the fray.
Dirk slashes with his bastard sword, dispatching the goblin facing him, he turns and thrusts with his dagger at the second goblin attacking Porthos and catches it unaware killing the goblin instantly.

As the orcs arrive Pimble (Still in his sleeping roll) tries to sneak up on one of the orcs heading to attack Dirk.
as he gets nearer his blanket snags on a twig alerting the orc to the halflings presence. Surprised by an enemy so close the orc swings with all his strength, missing and throwing himself so off balance that the orc falls, hitting his head on a rock.
The second orc is cut down by Porthos with one swing before it even has a chance to attack. Pimble stabs at the fallen and stunned orc, his short stature causing his blade to slide from the orcs armor with out a scratch. Porthos leaps over the bodys in front of him and slams his axe into the orc as it struggles to get up, severing his spine.

Moving quickly the party moves the corpses out of the camp ground and Porthos sets about removing heads and creating a pile to mimic the one found earlier by Bowshot. Knowing no one will be able to get back to sleep every one packs up and gets an early start on the next leg of the return journey.
The rest of the trip to Daggerford remained uneventful, Meldar getting a room at the HappyCow, asks to meet with ever one at the River Shining inn after they debrief Shirlyn SpearSliver.

Later that evening Porthos, Dirk, and Pimble meet Meldar and Dolora at the River Shining Inn. “You all have my gratitude for getting us here safely. We would not have made it if it werent for you three. As discussed I have 20 gold for each of you. I also have something extra for you as well.” Pulling a scroll from his pouch he hands it to Porthos. “I was planning to sell this, but I figured you might be able to put it to good use.” Porthos unrolls the scroll, revealing a map to an old dwarven hall deep in the mountains.
Taking a step back Meldar says “I also have a few magical items and I am willing to part with one for the service you have given us. The first is a wand, the second is a spear, and the third is a dagger.” Examining the make and quality the party quickly and unanimously decide to take the dagger and give it to Dirk.

The rest of the night is spent in revelry, Porthos renting a room at the Inn makes his move on Dolora, handing her a key and whispering in her ear "Come by any time, and enjoy a nice opulent room for a night.

Session 1
(Porthos' Log)

Pulled Caravan gate, day watch again. I thought today was going to be like any other day. Peaceful, quite, and boring.
I was killing time playing my fiddle, listening to Primble sing, attempting to keep him in key; that’s when we saw a rider approaching fast.

Sounding the alarm we notice how the rider is slumped in the saddle, barely keeping himself up. Richard Beldath in the lead, the militia leaves the gate to hail the approaching rider. The horse is lathered, and breathing hard, sides bellowing out with each in drawn breath. The rider is covered in dust and blood, most of it his own.

He warns Lieutenant Beldath that a group of Lizard folk have raided the Dukes holding, a rare event these folk leaving their marshes. Lieutenant Beldath asks for volunteers to travel to the Dukes holdings and assist in any way.

Primble and I step forward offering our services; I for action and glory, Primble….well who knows how halflings think?
Lieutenant Beldath is scanning the crowd looking for more volunteers, but more specifically looking for Dirk, his once son in law.

Seeing Dirk hiding in the crowd, I grab his arm and pull him forward. As the Lieutenant sees Dirk a large wolfish smile spreads across his face. “Dirk! Front and Center, I want you to lead this expedition to aid the Duke. Horses will be supplied to you three so you might actually get there in time to be of some use.”

Mine is a fine steed, strong and clear of eye. Primbles mule is.. well a mule; a stubborn ass, but it gets the job done. Dirks horse on the other hand, a swaybacked plow horse that has seen better days. I am not even sure it can see now at all

We see the smoke and ashes before we see the Dukes holdings. The closer we get the more we smell charred flesh and burning wood. As we come within sight we see the bodies of Lizard folk lying on the ground as if struck from behind while fleeing.

The place is a swarm of activity, people hurrying every where attempting to douse the flames. We are eventually directed to the Duchess, who tells us that that Duke has taken his best men into the marshes after the Lizard folk, we must hurry to retrieve the Duke.

The marshes are not far, barely over a mile. By horse the trip does not take long normally, but we ride cautiously, Dirk watching the trail for ambushes. We lose all trace of the Duke and his men as we enter the marsh. Choosing a arbitrary direction as straight we leave the horses hobbled and continue on foot.

After a time we find a small clearing within the reeds, and we see the bodies of several men and their horses.
Exploring the area we find a few more men and their mounts, as well as a large lizard that has been slain.

Primble was the first to notice the body of the Duke, half submerged in the mud. As we stood arguing if we should continue deeper, or call the job done and return with the body of the Duke. Having just about settled on continuing on, there is a sudden rustle of reeds and a second giant lizard bursts out of the reeds closing quickly on Primble, who some how jumps backward throwing a string of sausages at the lizard. Distracting it long enough to put some distance between them; and to let me come in with my axe.

We dispatch the lizard, a few broken ribs on me. the others are hale and sound. Dirk chooses that we continue in the direction the Duke was facing when he met his demise, hoping that he was on the right path. Not long after we head out we are waylaid by a tribe of Lizard folk, there are to many to fight back. Nor did they attack, but stood on the path as if waiting for us.

Dirk steps forward and spoke in their tongue as best he could. The leader of the Lizard folk moves his mouth and jarringly we hear fluent common, not quite coming from the shamans throat. He introduces himself as Red Eye, leader of the Red Eye tribe. We discover the Blue Feather tribe is responsible for the attack on the Duke and his holdings. These two tribes have had minor scraps over territories, but have not come to full open conflict yet.

Offering us luck Red Eye points us in the right direction to find the Blue Feather tribe, as we leave he notices my attempts to hid my pain at breathing. With a light touch of his hand I can feel the bones knit and the flesh start to mend.

Again on the path alone, Dirk notices movement in the reeds. Fearing another giant lizard I pre-pair a Javelin, and throw in an attempt to startle what ever is in the rushes and flush it out into the open. I did not expect the giant toad that leaps over every one to land behind me. As I turn, swinging my axe wildly I miss, throwing my self off balance. The toad leaps back into the fray striking me in the chest. Thankfully the bastard has no teeth. Within a few seconds we send the beast bounding off into the marshes, if it had a tail it would have been firmly tucked between its massive legs. Primble feels the blood lust and chases the toad for a bit loosing one last stone from his sling, as if to say “And stay out!”

A short time later we find the camp of the Blue Feather tribe. Primble scouts ahead, and returns to tell us of the tribes distraction over the loot taken.

We split up, planning to attack from several directions at once. I make to much noise trying to be unseen and draw much unwelcome attention to myself. I have the time to throw one javelin before several of them are on me. Primble looses a stone and hits the leader in the head, Dirk is still hiding waiting for a moment to strike or run, I cant tell which.

A third lizard folk joins the melee with me, two are searching for Primble in the reeds. The leader seems to have smelled something, maybe fear, maybe sweat. Either way he starts off in the direction of Dirk, who sees he has no chance of surprising his foe jumps out of the reeds with sword in hand.

I drop one scaly bastard, and the other two press in closer. Primble is still eluding the two looking for him, Dirk is engaging with the tribe leader, and dispatches him. At the same time I have horribly fouled up, missing so badly that I fall flat on my back. With one last effort I swing my axe and catch the second lizard in the stomach while still prone. Viscera spilling onto me. That was the last thing I saw.

I awake in a camp, the Red Eye tribe all around, my wounds are bound and healed. I find my self wishing that Red Eye and his tribe had joined us in the attack on the Blue Feathers, but mostly appreciating his ability to heal, and his generosity with such skills.

We return what we can to the now disposed Duchess. We are given the Dukes ring, rumored to be magical, and a hundred gold to divide between us. We are allowed to keep the mounts for the return trip to Daggerford and let Lieutenant Beldath worry about sending them back.


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