Legacy of Athalantar

A chapter ends

SilverClaw showing that he is still alive to soon for him to heal much is quickly cut down by the enraged party. Not taking any more chances, Porthos beheads the monster and burns the body and head while the rest of the group searches the chambers, all seeming to find them self’s in SilverClaws chamber. After Pimble fails to pick the lock on a chest, Dirk reaches over jams his gauntleted fingers into the lid of the chest and yanks upward breaking the lock. While this is happening Porthos can hear slight voices and movement from the far end of the chamber he is in. Calling out to the group to let them know Porthos does not stop in building the pyre for SilverClaw. Gnarl pulls his cloaks hood up and advances to investigate the noise Porthos mentioned.

Gnarl finds a large group of children in the kitchen, not yet interacting with them he turns around to leave and bring Luna back to help with the Children.

As Porthos burns is about to burn SilverClaw, he bends down and removes the gauntlet setting it aside he tosses the headless body into the fire, shoving the head in between the monsters legs. Picking up the gauntlet, Porthos turns to Sheirana’s body and places the claw on her arm out of respect.

After the group gathers after finding the rest of the children they all head out through one of the entrances that is hidden from the outside. Gnarl and Pimble climb the mountain face again to reach the cave opening close to the Shaman. Collecting the apprentice he informs them that the Aarakocra will take the children that they stole back to the north. Those from the south are up to us to deliver back home. Handing Gnarl and Pimble a few meals for the group send them on their way.

Porthos and Dirk finding the horses discover that they had been attacked, one of them was lamed, an infection spreading with no hope of a cure. Killing the poor beast quickly they butcher it and do what they can to prep the meat for their trip.

After a week in the woods, it is decided to build a raft to try and get Sheirana’s body to a healer. Gnarl casts messenger on a bird and sends it to the closest temple. Porthos some how manages to lash together a raft while its decided that Pimble would be the one to take the body. Dirk and Porthos each giving him fifty platinum coins wish him luck..and their prayers that they would see Sheirana alive again.

The day after Pimble pushes the raft down the river, Dirk stops the group. “What has been tracking us is close. Be ready.” As Porthos readies a javelin the bulky body of a green dragon pushes its way through the trees toward the diminished party.

Stepping forward Porthos attempts to bargain, “Dragon, we will willing give up our most powerful item to you for allowing us passage through your forest.” While the attention is on Porthos; Luna takes the children and the apprentice further back into the woods to wait what happens.

“Fool do you think that enough to buy me..” Porthos launches his javelin, the throw striking a scale and bouncing away. “I was going to say your helm as well as the claw, but now. I want your soul, the helm, claw, and the gauntlets that one wears.” Dirk, about to give Porthos to the Dragon to save the lives of him and Gnarl, sneers when the gauntlets are mentioned. “Fuck it” He rushes the Dragon.

The fight is short, the dragons breath weapon knocks Gnarl out, almost instantly killing him. Porthos unable to make contact with his axe, flails uselessly. A few well placed bites from the powerful jaws of the dragon crush the life out of him. Dirk fares better, hitting the dragon several times before the dragons talons shred his leather armor and the soft flesh underneath. With his final breath Dirk calls “I hate you Porthos”.

Pimble awakens to the flash of stars overhead through the canopy of trees. The sound of dogs barking in the distance ahead of him. Forcing his exhausted body back up, he starts poling the raft down the river toward the sounds of the dogs. An hour passes the sounds getting closer, Pimble can start to make out human voices. After a few minutes more he finds a few humans and their dogs, “Look, the halfling on the raft! Just like the Priest said!”



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