Legacy of Athalantar

Many sessions

After returning to Daggerford from the ancient dwarven city the party Decides it best to head to Derval Ironeater to talk of the Crown and armor of the dwarven King. Stunned that these treasures of his kind would be found now, and brought before him of all the dwarfs in Faerun. He promises to speak to his kin and gather a worth reward for returning such a prize to the dwarven community.
Drinking while killing time the group gets word that Delfen YellowKnife wishes to call in the favor owed to him. Delfen. Quickly being ushered into the study after arriving at the tower the group find themselves in the company of Delfen and a younger looking boy.
“My apprentice here was on his way to me carrying a package that was very important to me when he and the group he was with were attacked on the road. He managed to survive and return to me but lost the package. I would like you to take him with you and find and return the package to me. “Turning to the boy Delfen says “Tell them what you saw when you were attacked.”
Stepping forward “we were attacked by winged men. Looked like birds they did!. Killed every one else I was with, I managed to escape but dropped my bags while running.” After the boy falls quiet Delfen steps forward again. My apprentice here will go with you to complete the task I gave him. “

The group sets out toward Secomber, the long journey uneventful. When approaching the town they decide to hit the tavern for repast and news. Just a few moments after being seated Porthos hears his name called from behind him. Going pale thinking that the guards who had beat them so thoroughly had found his name as well as him, he slowly turns around to find Sheirana : the butchers daughter from Loudwater. After a brief talk Sheirana introduces Porthos and the group to her companion Luna the druid. Discovering they are both in Secomber for the same reason the two parties decide to join together.

The Journey through the High Forest along the Unicorns Cut is long and trying , Facing no hazards beyond keeping themselves fed. The journey to the mountain takes over two tendays.
Using most every ones rope the party climbs to a cave opening and enters. The first chamber they come across has Aarakocra and nests of young. Pimble and Gnarl sneak into the nesting chamber but are discovered and a battle ensues. The party slaughtering many Aarakocra the party explores the caves, each contemplating what to do with the young when they hear the sounds of more Aarakocra coming.
Regrouping the party decides to push forward away from the oncoming birdmen. Not long afterward the party splits up, half continuing on (with the light) the others staying at a tunnel split refusing to run any more. Thankfully the Aarakocra leader could communicate with the party and further hostilities were avoided.
Soon they learn that goblins have taken over the lower levels of the caves; forcing the Aarakocra to kidnap children as slaves. Leaving Yellowknifes apprentice with the shaman, the party heads further underground to confront and destroy the goblins.
The first chamber they come across is filled with goblins and children. Making quick work of the goblins that don’t flee, and restraining the children who they can catch. The group heads even deeper into the caves. Following the tracks made by the retreating goblins the party soon finds themselves on the threshold of a room filled with dozens of goblins, a magic user goblin, and a large Veerbug (SliverClaw) Porthos charges in knocking goblins back by the score, Luna casting entangle on the other end of the room blocking many goblins for a short time. Dirk and Pimble follow Porthos into the fray, cleaving goblins down in an effort to reach SilverClaw. Sheirana lobs arrow after arrow at SilverClaw sending him into a rage who then charges at Porthos.
SilverClaw grabs porthos’ helm and attempts to rip it off of his head, after the first attempt everything goes magicaly dark. Porthos continues to beat on SilverClaw, darkness almost nothing as being held, all Porthos had to do was swing. Dirk makes his way to SilverClaw and lands a heavy blow. Silver claw goes down, and Dirk turns and plunges his dagger into the magic users chest.
Believing the fight won Sheirana goes to loot Silverclaws signature claw, at which point his hand shoots out impaling her by the throat killing her instantly. Standing back up SilverClaw says “Fools! You think I am defeated so easily?” Enraged Porthos prepares to charge SilverClaw, a curse riding his breath, and a promise to honor Sheirana’s memory in his heart.



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